Deidre Selig, Sculptor
Sculpture and Drawings

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Deidre practices her craft using oxy-acetylene torches.


Deidre learned to weld at the Living Arts Center at age 16.



Photo of Amazon Woman in progress.  Notice the clamps on the left leg. The welding process involves being a master of clamping the steel in place for each weld. During welding the metal heats, bends, stretches and comes alive.




Hard at Work

Deidre is hard at work polishing "The Runway".  She eventually polished it by hand to acheive the desired finish.




Studio showing the charcoal drawings on the wall and the Armature in the foreground for Abstract Figure.



Creating Garden Chair

Creating the garden chair on the welding table.



The beginning of The Faun

The Begining of The Faun




Shadows of Superstition

 The light was pouring in through the studio sky light and it created a lovely shadow of Superstition.




The beginning of Egyptian Queen


This is the beginning of Egyptian Queen before her body and base were developed.